JewelleryIf you're a jewellery fanatic chances are  you purchase a lot of jewellery.

So whats your preference?

Do you like to hold the jewellery you wish to buy in your hand or do you prefer the browsing and buying from the comfort of your own home?

There a pros and cons for each.

Every person is different and we explore some of the benefits and disadvantages of both in our latest article here.

dualbrakeA dual braking system means that the braking system is divided into two independent parts. The way ABS works increases safety and is available on most cars except older models.

Today's cars have hydraulic brakes. This means that braking force is applied from the pedal to the brakes by means of a brake fluid.

ABS allows a car to brake and still maintain control of the steering.

For in a depth look at how ABS braking works click here >

Family Law in detailAccording to Wikipedia “family law” is an area of law handling domestic relations and family-related issues. This includes, but is not limited to domestic partnerships, civil unions, and marriage. It deals with issues that arise during a marriage, including child abduction, child abuse, surrogacy, adoption, legitimacy, and spousal abuse. It also handles the termination of a relationship and the ancillary matters including parental responsibility orders, alimony, property settlements, annulment, and divorce.

While family law at solicitors in Surrey covers every aspect of a family, which includes the ‘unit of people living together for many reasons’. There are many aspects relating to a “family” in various contexts, depending on which part of the world the family resides.

Family LawyersFamily often means a group of people who are affiliated by a co-residence, affinity, or consanguinity.

Co-residence means individuals or groups of people who live in the same residence and carry out family responsibilities. It can also mean a household. This may include a parent and a child or children. It can also include other members who share blood ties or live together for another reason.

Affinity, as it relates to family, means an attraction of relation, feeling, or kinship by marriage.

Consanguinity means together by blood. This refers to people who are descended from a common ancestor. This is an important legal aspect used to determine if people can marry and when determining who should inherit property when a person dies without making a will.

Family law cannot be confined to governmental, economic, or social regulations. There are too many complexities and aspects involved in human relations. The laws in some countries have varying legalities based on each country’s intrinsic familial and social rules and guidelines.

Starting and stark contrasts govern legislation in some parts of the world. For example, some societies are governed by patriarchal laws and others are matriarchal. In some parts of Europe, before the modern legal system, the Church handled most law enforcement.

Divorce and family lawHistorically, family law was based on European feudalism. Family law underwent rapid change and was redefined, in the 1970s. This was part of a wider national debate, regarding morality, gender bias, and family values.

There have been many changes in some areas of family law, including family property, child custody, and divorce. Such rapid changes enable a quick fix solution to child support, child custody, alimony, and divorce. There has been widespread criticism from many quarters which views rising cases of disharmony and marital discord as a dangerous trend, all over the world.

A dispute in the familyFamily law is an important area of legal studies. There are many law schools offering elective courses on family law. The bar exam tests knowledge of this area. Furthermore, as family law evolves, the national debate about family continues. One notable change is the broadening of family law to include couples that don’t choose to get married.

Today, the family unit has evolved. There may be a shortened or concise version of co-resident families in the past. Relationships have evolved which means there are new legal aspects being formulated to cope with these changes. Family law is adapting to meet the complexities of modern life, modern families, and other emerging trends.

pests in the bakeryNobody wants to work in a bakery infested with pests. However, this is not really true in the real world no matter how much we dislike it. This is certainly not reason enough to worry and lose your sleep as you can easily redeem the situation.

You can choose a trained exterminator such as one of the many at to help eradicate all pests that have infested your bakery helping you prevent further attacks. Nowadays, there are very many individuals and companies which offer pest control services making it easy to find professional help for extermination.

All the major cities provide such services. For example, London and Birmingham residents can get London pest control and West Midland pest control services.

It is very important to remove pests from your bakery you use for your business and commercial activities. Let us assume that you have a warehouse with perishable goods and try to imagine the damage pests can cause.

Proper pest control in your storehouse will ensure that you provide the best quality of products to your customers and also save your commodities from destruction. It is a good thing to take action rather than regret later when you experience heavy losses.

This is why it is very important to have a regular plan in place. Carry out a thorough inspection to identify the pests and look for a way to remove them.

When chemical products were introduced into the market, they instantly became very popular. From that time, they have been used extensively until recently. However, people are now realising the damages caused by the chemicals.

This is because of the fact that most people have discovered that the environment has a huge amount of toxins and there is no need of adding anymore through the use of chemicals. They do not wish to harm the environment, children, and pets.

This is one of the major reasons that has made people switch to pest removal methods which are friendly to the environment.

There are very many ways or controlling pests in a natural manner. One of the ways of doing this is removing any rubbish and rotting garden waste.

Certified seeds are usually resistant to pests and diseases. An innovative organic method of pest control is using other insects to kill harmful pests and vermin. Planting vegetables like tomatoes and carrots and using vegetable meshes are also good pest control practices.

For the pest control method to be more effective, it may be a good idea to use organic sprays made from spices, pepper, oil and many other natural materials.

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing an exterminator. First of all, you need to verify the licenses and certifications of the individual or company offering the services. Check if the exterminator is qualified and trained in pest control.

The service provider should also have the required equipment needed to eliminate pests. It is also a good idea to get references to help ensure that the exterminator will not force you to buy chemical products instead of using organic pest control methods.

With a little research and knowledge, and a little amount of money and effort, you can have a comfortable house without annoying and harmful pests and insects.

environment for pestsWhen it starts to get later in the year and the weather is cold outside, we start to hide indoors to be able to get warm. However, the pests and vermin are also looking for a warm place to stay so potential pest problems may begin once the temperatures drops. Rats, mice and insects will try to get warm inside your bakery as it will generally be warmer than outside.

A rodent infestation will start to increase dramatically during the Autumn and winter months. Contrary to what many residents and shop owners of Croydon may believe, these infestations will be able to happen in both the country as well as towns. These rodents are going to be attracted to warmth just as much as they will be with food, which is why a lot of the bigger cities such as London and its surrounding Boroughs will see infestations with the rubbish that is left out. One of the best ways for you to make sure that you can try to head off an infestation before it starts is making sure that all of your rubbish is left in a secure bin. If you fail to do so, you will find that the rodents can and will start breeding and you may end up with a real problem on your hands. Failing that you will need to search online for 'pest control Croydon' and find  a professional company to contact.

mothballsDid you know that rodents actually have a sense of smell that is a lot stronger than that of humans? Like a lot of other animals, their sense of smell will be vital to their survival and they will use urine as a way to mark out their path, their territory and certain objects. You can start to deter rodents by simply laying down strong smells that will keep them away. Mothballs are always a great option and are very effective, however they can have a strong odor that most humans do not like. This makes mothballs a solution that is best used out of the way of human reach in areas like cellars, sheds and attics  where they may be left to enter during the winter months.

Have you been worrying about wasps during the summer months? You should know that warmer weather during the winter can keep them rather active for a longer period of time. The nests that will remain outdoors can sometimes survive even through the very first frost, but there are also some that are hidden away inside your bakery that can end up surviving well into October and even into waspsNovember. While the new wasps will more than likely have left by the end of the summer, the wasps that are left behind will keep on looking for food. Like a lot of us, they can get tipsy once the cold weather as winter draws near. Often times, the only food that will be available to them will be remnants of food and cake ingredients. Many wasps will also be the most dangerous during this time of the year because the hunt for food will become a lot more difficult and they will become more aggressive.

Just like it would be with rodents, you can cut down your chances of bringing in wasps by making sure that you do not leave any food out for a longer time period than necessary.

Winter will bring its own set of problems in terms of pests, so you need to make sure that you are prepared and informed. There can be a number of preventative measures that will help you stay on top of any kind of infestation and keep your bakery shop safe from these dangerous pests.

local business searchesAlthough the Internet allows us to communicate and explore with anyone no matter where they are located in the world, the global part of the web isn't something we always need.

Local business searches carried out on Google and other search engines have in fact continued to increase as more people have realised just how good the major search engines are able to provide more localised results when needed.

In order to capitalise on these changing times, it is very important for business owners to understand how valuable online local search marketing truly is and to know which London agency to work with.

It is necessary for them to understand what it is, how to get it implemented and why it is so important.

Local Search Marketing Defined

local search dataLocal search is often defined as searching for something in a specific place. Therefore, local search marketing is ensuring that your business shows up whenever that place is searched for. For example, if you are searching for a seo company in Leicester, you are more likely to click on a webpage that is presented like than just a general website name.

When someone is wanting to purchase a stock image or download music, location isn't important.

For individuals in need of more traditional and physical services like gyms, plumbers and hairdressers, location is vitally important.

It isn't anything new. Search engines aren't anything new and can be compared to a modern version of the Yellow Pages and other paper directories. The search engines are getting smarter about knowing when local results need to be prioritised for those searches that suggest or state a preference for them.

Local Business SearchFrom the point of the searcher, local search doesn't always mean local. While some people might be searching for an emergency dentist, others might be looking for  car rental for their future holiday destination or a tattoo artist.

Local search marketing is all about making sure your business is visible to anybody who might be searching for your service within your local area, wherever they happen to be.

The Importance Of Local Search Marketing

local searchesThere are two major reasons why local search marketing is so important; they are the amount of exposure in the search results it can provide a business, and the quality of the traffic it can deliver.

Most of the people looking for services or products are searching locally, which is why defining your location is just an important factor when it comes to your marketing efforts. In addition, local search results take priority over those that don't have any physical location specified, which means you are either going to be within the top part of the search results along with local competitors, or you will be ignored within the generic results down below.

There are certain search terms that will provide localised results even when no local is specified when the search engine thinks something is being search for locally, particularly when a GPS-enabled mobile device is being used to do the searching. They know right where we are at all times.

As a seo agency, it is important for you to recognise how important it is to have quality traffic. Most people doing local searches aren't just browsing. If they find what it is they are searching for, it is likely that they will take action immediately.

How To Market Your Business To Local Searches And Local Searches

local seo servicesWhen carefully incorporating keywords into your content, you need to consider adding your location along with your type of business.

'Plumber in Leicester' is much more likely to be searched for than 'reliable plumber' is. It will also provide you with the higher quality traffic that you need.

You also will want to include your landline telephone number, postcode, neighborhood, physical address, and any local attractions, since people might search for something like 'plumber near Leicester town centre' or something similar.

It is also essential for all companies that have a physical location that would like to be found to register with the Google service 'My Business' It will ensure that your business shows up in Google Search as well as Google Maps, and provides you with a Google+ profile as well, which makes it easier for customers to find your business and communicate with you.

Bakery marketingMarketing is wide and encompasses many disciplines including advertising, direct mail, public relations, website visibility, loyalty schemes and public relations. This guide looks at the marketing tactics that can be used to market your Leicester bakery.


It may seem obvious for any business to have signs placed at strategic places; however, you need to ensure that you have a clear and a cleverly done sign.


You can use flyers to inform the public about the discounts you are offering. For instance, the first 100 buyers will get 20% discount on every purchase made.


Here, a business can prepare samples of muffins and other items and give them out to people in the street. You can invite people to your bakery; give them a free treat and a flyer. This was successfully demonstrated by the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in the TV series the ‘’Kitchen Nightmare’’ in this series; he uses the tactic to aid restaurants in trouble. The idea is you invite potential clients to your premises so that they can sample what you offer.

Use of a Website

Ensure that you have a simple website that shows your produce, the number of hours you operate, the kind of payment you accept and many more. This is a great marketing tool that can give the prospects the information they may be looking for. According to John Dunkley, his first order was through his website and he has continued to receive many orders through his website. There are plenty of website templates you can download from the internet or alternatively you could speak to Demi Graphic web design Leicester to get a creative brief. Set up a section on the website where customers can give reviews on the produce you offer.


It is a good idea to advertise in the local paper especially if you have something special that you need to promote. For instance, you can advertise Christmas cake and mother’s day specials on your website. Currently, there are many areas with websites, which serve the same purpose as a local paper. You can choose to advertise on this websites. Similarly, find a way of being listed on the local council website or get listed on top sites.


This is where a business uses a phone to invite businesses. This is applicable if your bakery is quite established and you often cater for businesses in the Leicester area. Here, all you need to do is to get a list of potential clients and call them. has a list of numbers you can call. Cold calling can be a tedious business, but there are plenty of rewards to be reaped. When calling, remember to have something special to talk about. Talk about a new line of cakes, a service or a new pastry.

Public Relations Activities

Get more bakery customersYou can use your staff to tell the public about the mouth watering cakes, patries and breads that you offer. The idea is to attract the attention of the public and get noticed. Use the opportunity to hand out menus and cards. Also, you can invite a local celebrity to visit. Alternatively, you can invite journalists from the local magazine or newspaper so that they can get an opportunity of writing about the your cakes. In some cases, you may be required to create a story that will interest your local media and raise the profile of the business.

To all our loyal customers ...

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The website designer has said it should be running by the end of October 2015.

Our bakery continues to bake delicious, mouthwatering cakes, pies and snacks.

So please continue to pop in.

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