local business searchesAlthough the Internet allows us to communicate and explore with anyone no matter where they are located in the world, the global part of the web isn't something we always need.

Local business searches carried out on Google and other search engines have in fact continued to increase as more people have realised just how good the major search engines are able to provide more localised results when needed.

In order to capitalise on these changing times, it is very important for business owners to understand how valuable online local search marketing truly is and to know which London agency to work with.

It is necessary for them to understand what it is, how to get it implemented and why it is so important.

Local Search Marketing Defined

local search dataLocal search is often defined as searching for something in a specific place. Therefore, local search marketing is ensuring that your business shows up whenever that place is searched for. For example, if you are searching for a seo company in Leicester, you are more likely to click on a webpage that is presented like searchexclusive.co.uk/seo-leicester than just a general website name.

When someone is wanting to purchase a stock image or download music, location isn't important.

For individuals in need of more traditional and physical services like gyms, plumbers and hairdressers, location is vitally important.

It isn't anything new. Search engines aren't anything new and can be compared to a modern version of the Yellow Pages and other paper directories. The search engines are getting smarter about knowing when local results need to be prioritised for those searches that suggest or state a preference for them.

Local Business SearchFrom the point of the searcher, local search doesn't always mean local. While some people might be searching for an emergency dentist, others might be looking for  car rental for their future holiday destination or a tattoo artist.

Local search marketing is all about making sure your business is visible to anybody who might be searching for your service within your local area, wherever they happen to be.

The Importance Of Local Search Marketing

local searchesThere are two major reasons why local search marketing is so important; they are the amount of exposure in the search results it can provide a business, and the quality of the traffic it can deliver.

Most of the people looking for services or products are searching locally, which is why defining your location is just an important factor when it comes to your marketing efforts. In addition, local search results take priority over those that don't have any physical location specified, which means you are either going to be within the top part of the search results along with local competitors, or you will be ignored within the generic results down below.

There are certain search terms that will provide localised results even when no local is specified when the search engine thinks something is being search for locally, particularly when a GPS-enabled mobile device is being used to do the searching. They know right where we are at all times.

As a seo agency, it is important for you to recognise how important it is to have quality traffic. Most people doing local searches aren't just browsing. If they find what it is they are searching for, it is likely that they will take action immediately.

How To Market Your Business To Local Searches And Local Searches

local seo servicesWhen carefully incorporating keywords into your content, you need to consider adding your location along with your type of business.

'Plumber in Leicester' is much more likely to be searched for than 'reliable plumber' is. It will also provide you with the higher quality traffic that you need.

You also will want to include your landline telephone number, postcode, neighborhood, physical address, and any local attractions, since people might search for something like 'plumber near Leicester town centre' or something similar.

It is also essential for all companies that have a physical location that would like to be found to register with the Google service 'My Business' It will ensure that your business shows up in Google Search as well as Google Maps, and provides you with a Google+ profile as well, which makes it easier for customers to find your business and communicate with you.

Bakery marketingMarketing is wide and encompasses many disciplines including advertising, direct mail, public relations, website visibility, loyalty schemes and public relations. This guide looks at the marketing tactics that can be used to market your Leicester bakery.


It may seem obvious for any business to have signs placed at strategic places; however, you need to ensure that you have a clear and a cleverly done sign.


You can use flyers to inform the public about the discounts you are offering. For instance, the first 100 buyers will get 20% discount on every purchase made.


Here, a business can prepare samples of muffins and other items and give them out to people in the street. You can invite people to your bakery; give them a free treat and a flyer. This was successfully demonstrated by the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in the TV series the ‘’Kitchen Nightmare’’ in this series; he uses the tactic to aid restaurants in trouble. The idea is you invite potential clients to your premises so that they can sample what you offer.

Use of a Website

Ensure that you have a simple website that shows your produce, the number of hours you operate, the kind of payment you accept and many more. This is a great marketing tool that can give the prospects the information they may be looking for. According to John Dunkley, his first order was through his website and he has continued to receive many orders through his website. There are plenty of website templates you can download from the internet or alternatively you could speak to Demi Graphic web design Leicester to get a creative brief. Set up a section on the website where customers can give reviews on the produce you offer.


It is a good idea to advertise in the local paper especially if you have something special that you need to promote. For instance, you can advertise Christmas cake and mother’s day specials on your website. Currently, there are many areas with websites, which serve the same purpose as a local paper. You can choose to advertise on this websites. Similarly, find a way of being listed on the local council website or get listed on top sites.


This is where a business uses a phone to invite businesses. This is applicable if your bakery is quite established and you often cater for businesses in the Leicester area. Here, all you need to do is to get a list of potential clients and call them. Yell.com has a list of numbers you can call. Cold calling can be a tedious business, but there are plenty of rewards to be reaped. When calling, remember to have something special to talk about. Talk about a new line of cakes, a service or a new pastry.

Public Relations Activities

Get more bakery customersYou can use your staff to tell the public about the mouth watering cakes, patries and breads that you offer. The idea is to attract the attention of the public and get noticed. Use the opportunity to hand out menus and cards. Also, you can invite a local celebrity to visit. Alternatively, you can invite journalists from the local magazine or newspaper so that they can get an opportunity of writing about the your cakes. In some cases, you may be required to create a story that will interest your local media and raise the profile of the business.