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The Independent Bakers Association is a Washington, D.C. based national trade association of over 250 mostly family owned, wholesale bakeries and allied industry trades. The Association was founded in 1968 to protect the interests of independent wholesale bakers from antitrust and anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions. IBA pushes Congress to support market-oriented farm commodity programs and represents bakers' interests to federal agencies crafting labor, tax and environmental regulations.

The Association publishes a monthly Legislative Update offering Washington legislative and regulatory actions and analyzing pro-business positions impacting on wholesale baking, allied industry operations. Also as needed Press Releases share developing information about regulations, Capitol Hill politics, and efforts by IBA.

The IBA regulatory library includes compact compliance guides available to the public on a variety of issues ranging from labor law to environmental regulations for air and water. The library also offers a personalized manual for crisis communication during product tampering and emergency recall situations.

The Association convenes three times a year including an Annual Convention in June in Washington, D.C., winters in the Southeast and falls on the West Coast, enabling bakers and allied members to tackle vital issues and develop strategies to enhance industry interests. Meetings generally coordinate with major industry conventions for the convenience of IBA members. IBA members attend at no charge.

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